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through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum year.

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Mother and newborn

Breathe is a collective of caring infant professionals experienced in Pregnancy, Birth, and the Postpartum year. Our highly trained staff are ready to support new and expectant mothers - in every capacity - with genuine empathy and a guiding hand.

We believe you deserve to be fully informed of all care options. An empowered mother knows what her choices are and has the support to move forward in confidence. At Breathe, our goal is to work alongside families, providing you with unbiased and complete information to make these decisions. We aim to foster the best environment possible for a loving and joy-filled pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

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A New baby is a big change

Childbirth is a natural part of life, but that does not mean it comes without some anxiety. The number of choices you have today regarding the management of your pregnancy, birth plan, and postpartum stage are more abundant than at any other time in history. Our caring and experienced staff are specially trained to ensure that you are equipped to navigate these choices with your best interests and desires in mind.

In today's ever connected world there is no shortage of information available to you about the stages of pregnancy, and what to expect during childbirth. Unfortunately, what is commonly found is a lack of preparation for what to expect after the baby is born. If lucky, a mother will leave the hospital with her beautiful new bundle and her biggest challenges will be a messy diaper, the occasional spit up, or a sleepless night or two. It is a common misperception that life after birth is all cuddling, cooing, rocking chairs, and lullabies.

It is more common than you may think for a new parents to struggle with unrealistic expectations of what the postpartum period will be like. Your postpartum experience will be unique to you and your newborn, and as prepared as some families may feel going into this time, they are sometimes surprised to find themselves overwhelmed with unforeseen challenges.

Don't think that you are alone if you are feeling physically and mentally exhausted, isolated and lonely from not having family and friends near by, or even angry or frustrated over a birth plan that didn't go the way you had hoped and planned. Many new parents experience some or all of these things. Your family may be in need of support in these areas; or you may not be experiencing any of these things but are just looking for a little extra help getting into a daily routine that works for your whole family, and meets the immediate needs of your new little one.

Without proper support anyone can feel ill prepared for parenting and even the best planners can get caught off guard. Breathe is here for you. Don’t leave this important time of transition to chance. You are not alone. We are passionate about supporting you through your individual journey into parenthood, and having the support you need can make all of the difference in the world.

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